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2009-09-05 07:59:44 by ROFLCHOPPA

Finnaly i start up again after some HUEG distractions im back on track! I even submitted to the art portal! so now lets get to work!!

2009-05-24 01:58:31 by ROFLCHOPPA

Free Games at ROBLOX. Check out what I have been building lately!

well i feel like showin...

2008-12-24 14:13:01 by ROFLCHOPPA

Another pic of my puppy cause im bored... it almost looks gravity defying!

well i feel like showin...

:3 mah puppy :3

2008-10-07 20:57:59 by ROFLCHOPPA

omg sooooo cute ami rite. plz comment! hes name is maxie! just sayin!

:3 mah puppy :3


2008-09-10 15:31:51 by ROFLCHOPPA

Well I got suspended from BBS for a bit 14 EFFING DAYS!!!!!!!!! but thats besides the point I changed my profile pic from that crappy halo thing to my pet puppy!! he's soooo cute hes barely a month old awww....
oh and heres another pic of him :3



2008-09-01 01:24:21 by ROFLCHOPPA

newgrounds is awesome!!!!!!

but thats besides thew point.. i got banned :(

from bbs for a coulple of days waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa....
it sucks... ah well


2008-08-20 20:37:13 by ROFLCHOPPA

MY first post i just registered so yeah... cool i guess